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The short version of Hercules' story was that he was to serve his master and complete any task put forth. One of these tasks involved retrieving some apples guarded by a dragon. In order to do so Hercules persuaded Atlas (who was known by the dragon) to help him out in return for holding the sky up for him. Unfortunately for Atlas, Hercules did not intend to hold it up indefinitely.

At Hercules Machine we strive for the highest level of quality. Clients should expect nothing short of what they request. No job is too big or too small. Rush orders always accepted.




•  Aeronautic
•  Construction
•  Metal
•  Paper
•  Recycling
•  Automotive
•  Food
•  Packaging
•  Plastic
•  Rubber



•  Aluminum
•  Brass
•  Cast Iron
•  Stainless Steel
•  Aluminum Cast
•  Carbon Steels
•  Copper