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Refurbished Densifiers for Sale!

We currently have two available, please contact us for additional information.

(The Photos Below are of a new Densifier, see photos)

HPDA 200 Hp Densifier by Hercules Machine

The Densifier consists of a raised platform with a bucket for the material, raised and lowered by one or two air cylinders. A motor stand holds a 200 Hp electric motor with the main blade attached. Mounted on the top of the stand is the Densifier drum, measuring 40 in diameter and 50 in height. The drum has ten stationary knives attached to the side. Another pneumatic system is used to control a discharge door, allowing granulated material to escape through the discharge chute. The assembled machine stands 10 ft. high, 8 ft. wide and 15 ft. long.

The Densifier is a machine used to reduce the volume of plastic material. It accepts scraps in most forms, including: film, ropes, nets, filaments, foam, non woven items, paper and cardboard. The final result is consistent regardless of the size of the scraps. There is no size limitation as long as the operator can safely handle the material. The Densifier accepts dry and wet material since the temperature will rise to over 100 degrees Celsius and the material will soften and agglomerate. The material can include various types of plastics with different MFI or melting temperatures as long as no metal debris is present, which could damage the blades and/or motor.

The process starts with the loading of scrap material either by hand or via a conveyor. The friction created by the high speed of the main blade raises the temperature. The material reaches its softening point (not melting point). Water is added into the drum by the operator and causes the material to suddenly solidify. At this point the blade breaks the material apart and into irregular shaped granules. The dimensions of the granules depend on the material and the length of time allowed for the process.

Densifiers are relatively inexpensive, easy to operate and repair. Maintenance is minimal and blade replacement usually takes about 15 min. Depending on the material and skill of the operator, the HPDA-200 Densifier can agglomerate 550 to 850 lbs of material an hour.








































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